The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay is a not for profit community “Think and Do Tank” comprised of
talented, concerned and interested local people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences,
working together to promote social and economic prosperity in Southern Georgian Bay.

Situated within two hours of Canada’s largest urban centre, Southern Georgian Bay continues to experience a steady influx of new residents from the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Ontario. From retiring empty-nesters, to professional weekenders to young families looking for a place to work and raise families, people are choosing to settle here to experience a better quality of life and enjoy the region’s limitless recreational opportunities.

The Southern Georgian Bay region is well-positioned to thrive and prosper as a premier destination in Ontario by leading the way with innovative solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges.

Social Justice

Food availability and quality, housing, income security, mental health, seniors, youth and transportation – these social issues are key to ensuring a better quality of life for all. The Institute sponsored a Call to Action conference in Collingwood.


Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Arts and Culture are the fabric and soul of societies and communities. Not only do they enhance the quality of our lives, they also fuel community and economic development, brand the community and set it apart from others.


Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The future of Southern Georgian Bay depends on supporting existing retail, commercial and industrial businesses, as well as budding entrepreneurs. A series of “Conversations with The Institute” meetings have been held to explore innovative approaches to growth and prosperity in Southern Georgian Bay.

Photo: Steve Roper


Water, invasive species, land use and development, waste management, manufacturing – we need to ensure that we remain sustainable as a community. The Institute is currently exploring ideas and contexts for water, seeking project ideas from members to stimulate discussions.


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The Power of 100,000
As Southern Georgian Bay continues to experience an influx of young families and retirees looking for a more laid-back lifestyle with plenty of recreational opportunities, we see the potential of a “Power of Place” emerging, crossing political boundaries and firmly placing the region on the map – and “on the radar”.

Creating and marketing a strong sense of place is one of the key goals of The Institute.