About Us

Our Story

The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay began with one simple belief: there is power in people and place. We bring together people who want to make a difference and see value in a thriving arts community, a green environment, social justice, and a strong economy not just for themselves, but for everyone.

We began our ascent in Southern Georgian Bay – home to over 100,000 people, a rocky shoreline, crystal clear water, and mountainous terrain. As a “think and do” tank, we started community conversations and created a space for learning and collaboration. No map, no compass, no itinerary. We sought out to share knowledge, research, and ways to address challenges in our region. Like any experienced climber, we knew the trek would be worth it. The adventure, the risk, the reward.

We believe every voice, every person, every experience matters because you deserve to live in a community that cares.

Step into the conversation. You will have the opportunity for connection, a place to express your ideas freely, and envision a bright tomorrow. Close your eyes and picture your ideal community. Are concrete alleys filled with lush, green gardens? Can young families easily afford their first home? Do you cast your gaze on a new mural painted by a local artist? Our goal is to bring people and places together to leverage our collective voice for social, environmental, and economic prosperity.

We have built a place where thought leaders and residents can meet to make meaningful change happen. The Institute is a network for anyone who wants a better future. We are united by our passion and fueled by the possibility of a safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable community. Join us. The view from the summit is breathtaking, and we’re ready for our next climb.

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We’ve launched our easy-to-read eBook, a shareable resource for the Who/What/So-what of The Institute. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to flip through it and share it with your colleagues, friends, and family. This eBook is aimed to help us build a growing network of people who will become involved in the collective leadership it will take to address some of our most pressing issues and exciting opportunities. We hope this tool will encourage many residents and business, government, nonprofit, and philanthropic leaders to support the Institute’s programming. Get your copy here!

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Situated within two hours of Canada’s largest urban centre, Southern Georgian Bay continues to experience a steady influx of new residents from the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Ontario. From retiring empty-nesters, to professional weekenders to young families looking for a place to work and raise families, people are choosing to settle here to experience a better quality of life and enjoy the region’s limitless recreational opportunities.

The Southern Georgian Bay region is well-positioned to thrive and prosper as a premier destination in Ontario by leading the way with innovative solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges.