Social Innovation Day

Our collaborative speaker series is gaining momentum following a very successful arts & culture event held on September 19 at the Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg. Sixty people discussed the importance of the arts & culture sector as an economic driver, as well as being essential for creative and healthy regions. A report with highlights, including next steps towards creating a regional arts & culture strategy, will be released next month.

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Social Innovation: What is it and why now?
Saturday, November 23, 2019, 10am – 2pm
Simcoe Street Theatre, Collingwood

Social Innovation Day

Keynote, Panel, and Lunch Discussion $60
Institute members $50 (limited number of tickets)

Keynote and Panel $50; Institute members $40

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Social Innovation refers to the creation, development, adoption, and integration of new and renewed concepts, systems, and practices that put people and the planet first.

Join our conversation about social innovation and the impact of connecting people, fostering collaboration and developing innovative solutions to important issues we’re facing now, and how convergence surfaces new opportunities.

10am Keynote: Tonya Surman, CEO and Founder, Centre for Social Innovation

11am Regional Panel Discussion:
Moderator: Gillian Fairley, GM, Centre for Business and Economic Development
Elly Green, Program Manager, Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario, Georgian College
Mark Palmer, President and CEO, Greenland Group of Companies; Hume Innovation Hub
James Thomson, President and CEO, New Path Foundation; Common Roof
Pamela Hillier, Executive Director, Community Connection; Rotary Club of Collingwood
The panel discussion will feature regional leaders of innovation who will share their journey, what they’ve learned about collaboration, and what’s needed to succeed in the 21st century. Topics include: The Growing Social Enterprise Sector, Public Private Partnerships, Community Hubs and Common Roofs, and Innovation in Wasaga.

12 noon – 2 pm: A limited number of tickets will be available for a facilitated lunch discussion exploring how we can grow social innovation in our region, align objectives, and accelerate change.

Tonya Surman is a social entrepreneur and founding Executive Director and CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation. CSI sparks creativity, connectedness, and fun for those working across sectors to create a better world. It accelerates impact through the power of co-working, community, and collaboration. Tonya will share the journey of CSI and why social innovation is needed now more than ever.

Social Innovation DayPartners: Institute of Southern Georgian Bay, Community Connection, New Path Foundation, The Common Roof, and United Way Simcoe Muskoka. Lead Sponsor: Greenland International Consulting Inc.

Other Innovative Discussions in our Region

Canada: A Nation of Innovation

A recent lecture titled Canada: A Nation of Innovation, presented by Georgian Triangle Lifelong Learning Institute (GTLLI), provided a look at Canadian innovations. It also highlighted an innovator’s characteristics with guiding principles as outlined in Canada’s Digital Charter leading to public trust that innovation was for good.

The lecturer, Dr. Maria Cantalini-Williams, Dean of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University, started with a quiz on what the audience thought were Canadian innovations. Canadian examples included everything from the recycling Blue Box to SNL (Saturday Night Live), the multi-touch computer screen and the character Superman. Who would have thought?

The lecture also focused on initiatives to drive innovative thinking and mindsets for youth through educational resources at elementary and high school levels. Driven by a Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF) initiative called ‘Education for Innovation’, it is designed to cultivate and celebrate a culture of innovation in Canada and was spearheaded by former Governor General David Johnston.

Dr. Cantalini-Williams also presented Canada’s Culture of Innovation Index, a research project that attempted to put dimensions that impact an innovation culture and then identify outcomes from innovation that were most desired by Canadians.

Those 6 dimensions that had a major impact on developing a culture of innovation were diversity, collaboration, risk tolerance, creativity, curiosity, and openness to technology.

The ranked top 5 desired outcomes from innovation, valued by Canadians, were healthier People, economic growth, cleaner environment, increased sustainability, and happier people.

A key element of the Education for Innovation approach is The Innovation Cycle as follows:

Social Innovation DayThis is being applied in a variety of educational resources from RHF in grades K to 12.

One definition of innovation is that it is the creation or improvement of a product or process to make an IMPACT.

Current research supports future careers related to innovation that will make that positive impact in our world.

TEDx Collingwood

The Institute was happy to be a partner once again on TEDx Collingwood. It was also our pleasure to support the attendance of Jonah Munnings, who is heading up the film team at the Collingwood Youth Centre. This is what he had to say about the event:

“I went to the TEDx Collingwood this year. It was amazing, I saw so many artists and creative smart people who were full of knowledge. I have never been to a TED talk before. When I got the opportunity to go, I was very excited and fascinated at what the topics were. The 2019 TEDx talk show was called “what’s up” meaning, what is going on right now in 2019. My favorite talks were from the platinum winning musician who talks about not chasing money, but the passion. I also heard a talk on space. I loved hearing all the scientific facts on the speed of light, how many planets there are in our solar system and many other space facts. Listening to this TED talk and going to it was an amazing experience, which I am very thankful for and hope I get to see them again.”

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November 23 @ 10:00
10:00 — 22:05 (12h 5′)

Simcoe Street Theatre Collingwood