Pillars of Prosperity

The Institute has identified four primary Pillars of a sustainable community, which will guide its efforts to ensure a bright future for Southern Georgian Bay.

PILLAR: Environment

Water, invasive species, land use and development, waste management, manufacturing – we need to ensure that we remain sustainable as a community.

Water is critical for life and everyday living. Depending on where people reside, it will have different degrees of importance on their lives, their work and their recreational activities.

Various businesses, government agencies and organizations in Southern Georgian Bay have an interest in water and all it entails. Rather than being an advocate or taking sides in a water issue, The Institute’s role is to facilitate discussions among these groups and the community to inform and explore issues and opportunities for solutions.

The Institute is currently exploring ideas and contexts for water, seeking project ideas from members to stimulate discussions.

  • Photo credit: Steve Roper
  • Photo credit: Steve Roper
  • Photo credit: Steve Roper
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