Bishop Consignment: A Haven of Style and Community

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Social Entrepreneur Feature: Nicole and Susan Bishop

By Jordie Burton, Co-Lead of the Business & Innovation Design Team

Nicole and Susan Bishop from Bishop Consignment.In Downtown Collingwood lies a unique treasure trove known as Bishop Consignment. This carefully curated consignment shop was brought to life by Susan and Nicole Bishop, two passionate individuals with a strong commitment to the community and sustainable fashion practices. Step inside, and you’ll find a collection of fashion artifacts, each carrying its own captivating story, but it’s the stories of the Bishops that truly breathe life into their business. Bishop Consignment’s business model is rooted in community service. Susan and Nicole share a set of remarkable values, emphasizing responsible shopping and consumption, community support, and the belief that when they serve the community, everyone benefits. These principles laid the foundation for their unique enterprise.

While Bishop Consignment operates as a brick-and-mortar clothing and skin care store on Hurontario Street, it is also a hub for a sharing community. Clients trust Nicole and Susan to honor the items they bring in, and this trust is passed on to the customers who leave with something new and exciting. It’s a testament to relationships that the Bishops have cultivated within their community.

Bishop Consignment is an advocate for slow fashion, an approach to clothing that thoughtfully considers the processes and resources required for garment production. The store prioritizes timeless, high-quality designs overpieces destined for landfills. This approach not only has an evident environmental impact by reducing waste but also fosters a culture of sustainable fashion practices.

Beyond the environmental benefits, Bishop Consignment plays a pivotal role in strengthening the community. Helping clients find exquisite pieces that make them look and feel exceptional can have a transformative impact on their lives. If items don’t find new owners through the shop, Susan and Nicole work with clients to find appropriate places to donate clothing, supporting local women’s groups in need of work attire, among other charitable initiatives.

Susan and Nicole set out to run a successful business in Collingwood and they built it on their values and deep connection to the community. Though the term “social entrepreneurship” may not have been on their minds when they started, it’s easy to see that Bishop Consignment is an outstanding example of a thriving social enterprise in practice. Bishop Consignment stands as a testament to the power of aligning one’s values with their business, fostering a vibrant community, and contributing to a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Bishop Consignment, located at 231 Hurontario Street, is more than just a consignment shop; it’s a symbol of style, community, and sustainability. Susan and Nicole Bishop have not only created a successful business but also a thriving hub for those who share their values. In a world that needs more socially responsible enterprises, Bishop Consignment stands as a shining example, proving that fashion can be a force for good. To explore their exquisite collection and stay updated on their offerings, follow Bishop Consignment on Facebook and Instagram. Join them in making a difference, one fashionable step at a time.