It’s here! Watch the highlight reel of our Multi‑Sector Partnerships and the Role of Philanthropy event.

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In this newsletter:

 Watch the video highlights of our December 3, 2022 event: Multi-Sector Partnerships and the Role of Philanthropy

  Get familiar with The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay’s Affordable Housing Toolkit

 Your input matters; thank you to our survey participants!


Multi-Sector Partnerships and the Role of Philanthropy

Local Sustainable Economies, 2022

 On December 3, 2022, we gathered at the Simcoe Street Theatre for the final event of the 2022 Local Sustainable Economies series. This series brought together business, nonprofit, government, and philanthropic leaders, and residents from across the region to work together to create integrated, resilient, and equitable transformations toward sustainability.

A group of extraordinary people shared their stories about how they are helping to make great things happen through their philanthropy. They are passionate about the arts, our environment, social enterprises, and innovation and offered insights about why multi-sector partnerships are important to the future of our local sustainable economies.

The Institute also thanked the founding contributors to our $35,000 Endowment Fund, which is being managed by the Community Foundation Grey Bruce, and announced our 2022 grants to two organizations who are partnering on new regional, collaborative projects. Watch the video highlight here.


The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay’s Affordable Housing Toolkit

A collaborative effort by our Social Finance & Housing Design Team

It’s here! Watch the highlight reel of our Multi‑Sector Partnerships and the Role of Philanthropy event.This project developed within the context of three UN Habitat in Towns: Collingwood World Summits looking at the sustainability of small towns, and the application of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to our communities.

In addition, we participated in the year-long Social Innovation Canada/CMHC Financialization of Housing Innovation Lab, working with communities across Canada to mobilize community wealth toward an affordability for all agenda.

The annual Summits focus on SDG #11 – Sustainable Communities – and highlight the rapidly growing pressures our communities are experiencing, the cross-sectoral progress being made in some jurisdictions, and the urgent need to develop our own regional roadmap for addressing affordable housing, climate change, transportation, and the protection of our natural and cultural assets to ensure economic and social wellbeing of our towns for generations.

Read this toolkit and let’s learn and act together – Every one of our municipalities has tools available to plan for adequate affordable housing to ensure that residents are housed according to their means and that businesses avoid labour shortages as a result of the lack of affordable housing. The effective use of community wealth strategies and social finance tools can ensure our sustainability. Municipalities hold the greatest potential to build community wealth through their planning, purchasing, and lending power.

Visit the Published Affordable Housing Toolkit here.


2022 Survey Results are in!

Thank you for your participation!

2022 Survey Results are in!

●  We had 65 responses to the survey, with the majority of respondents indicating that the Institute’s work is key to making progress on issues in our region.
●  Highlighting some of the “good things you have seen emerging from the Institute’s work over the last two years” as:
“Partnerships” and “Housing challenges awareness”, “More communication and
collaboration on regional issues”, and respondents sharing their own ACTION, inspired by the Institute to connect regional groups on issues such as Climate Action.
●  Issues of importance, listed in priority sequence by the respondents were as follows:

#1 Social Finance & Housing
#2 Sustainability & Green Economy
#3 Business & Innovation
#4 Arts & Culture

●  Most (80%) of respondents prefer Zoom over the 20% with a preference for in-person gatherings; however, over half would attend a social event to connect with people. In the category of in-person events, over half of the survey respondents are looking for learning opportunities; workshops and focus groups are also of interest. 18% of respondents are interested in volunteering (and will be contacted soon)!

As you can see, your input is invaluable as we work to build TISGB’s 2023 programming. Thank you for your time and effort. We look forward to releasing our 2023 event lineup later this spring!