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Considered pivotal points in building a vibrant and identifiable Southern Georgian Bay, arts and culture in our region are the hidden gems that bind us together.

For a community of 100,00 persons, we enjoy one of the largest concentrations of artists in Ontario, including wood turners, painters, sculptors, textile artists, jewellery designers, dancers, actors, musicians, improv artists and the list goes on. And, there are no municipal boundaries for artists as shows are mounted in galleries, public spaces, theatres, and arts centres situated throughout Southern Georgian Bay.

At the Institute, we are dedicated to exploring and implementing a Southern Georgian Bay-wide approach to advancing arts and culture.

Many studies increasingly identify the arts and culture sector as a key factor in economic development. Some call it an engine for the economy.

Richard and Anke Lex are entrepreneurs based in Collingwood who are focused on community building and the arts. In the 2017 fall edition of On the Bay magazine, Rick is quoted stating:

“Studies show that arts and culture tourists tend to spend the most money in a community. They go out for dinners to independent restaurants, they shop at independent retailers, they spend more time in the town.”
Embracing our arts community helps to brand our community and create civic pride – factors that make for a liveable community. The Creative City Network of Canada has commissioned a number of papers in this field. One is entitled “Building Community Identity and Pride”. This paper opens with the following thought:
“The arts have been instrumental in facilitating social cohesion, bringing tourism to unlikely places, fostering a sense of belonging, and preserving collective memory. “
At the 2018 Community Innovation Day held by the Institute of Southern Georgian Bay, the participants identified the need to develop an arts and culture working group that would focus on developing a common brand, a regional website and a digital marketing strategy. And the creation of a headliner event that would focus on leveraging this important sector across the Southern Georgian Bay area.

We are moving forward on these initiatives. If you would like to add your voice, please send an email to [email protected]

Yvonne Hamlin
Institute Board Member

On this page will be posted papers, reports, presentations and updates that are directly from working groups, committees or members active in The Institute.


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