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Community Planning: SDGs, Data Capacity, and the Affordability Matrix

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Social Finance: Strategies, Financing Models, Canadian Organizations, and Pro-Forma Financial Model

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An Introduction to Our Journey

The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay connects people, shares knowledge, and fosters collaborative action to accelerate progress on challenging issues, as well as exciting opportunities. One of our four priority areas is Affordable Housing, which currently is the greatest challenge affecting the sustainability of our municipalities.

Our Social Finance & Housing Project grew out of an original study group focused on pandemic recovery, the lack of awareness of community wealth-building strategies and social finance tools in our rural communities, and included a study area of participating communities along the shore from Collingwood to Owen Sound. The focus shifted to housing as the local housing crisis was exacerbated by in-migration from neighbouring cities bringing gentrification and investment in multiple properties to our traditionally low-income areas. This trend has magnified the problems experienced by much of Canada as a result of the financialization of housing and is having a huge impact on affordable housing.   

Mobilizing Collaborative Action on Affordable Housing in Rural Communities

The Institute has hosted important community discussions over the last three years so that everyone can learn more about the housing system; the financialization of the sector, which has turned housing into a commodity – see Social Innovation Canada’s Financialization of Housing Report; and solutions that are taking place across the country. We have also participated in a Solutions Lab hosted by Social Innovation Canada and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.