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Our team has spent the past three years investigating social finance & housing, and today we are developing a toolkit to help communities tackle housing issues.

Our team at The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay cares about this community, and our goal is to make sure everyone in it has the chance to thrive. One of the biggest issues facing our community is the lack of access to safe, affordable housing, and our team has been working on efforts to address this problem since 2019.

Social Finance & Housing in Georgian Bay, Ontario

In 2021, the Institute established the Social Finance Learning Group to explore various tools and strategies being used to address social problems in other areas and to see what practices we could adopt in order to tackle the issues facing our home. By 2022, we had renamed this task force the Social Funding and Housing Working Group, and we are currently developing a tool kit for municipalities and housing advocates to use to further their goals and get people the housing they need.

We believe strongly that people deserve safe, affordable housing and that affordable housing provides a net good to the entire community. Some documented benefits of affordable housing include better public health, economic improvement, and better educational and social outcomes for children. When people have their basic needs met, they have more freedom to spend money on things other than rent, to seek medical care, and to pursue educational and employment opportunities. In short, social finance & housing benefits everyone in the community, and we encourage you to support these efforts.

We are proud to serve the Georgian Bay, Ontario community, and we want to help everyone in our community find safe, affordable housing. If you are interested in joining the effort to support social finance & housing efforts, simply give us a call to find out how.