2022 Events

You’re Invited to the LIVE wrap up of 2022’s “Local Sustainable Economies” event series!

Multi-sector partnerships and the role of philanthropy is the final event in our 6-part series on Local Sustainable Economies….

Register for The Role of the Arts: Strengthening Local Economies and Creativity November 16th at 4:30pm!

A 6-part regional online discussion series – June-December, 2022 Thanks to many of you for your input and help…

A Green Economy Hub! The multiple benefits for our region

This online discussion will build on our 2021 sustainability events and the outcomes we are looking for in our region as we….

New Directions for Business: The shift toward triple bottom lines

Gathering businesses, nonprofits, government, and philanthropic leaders to explore how together we build our Local….

Sustainable Affordable Housing: Data to Drive Effective Decision-Making

We believe that Southern Georgian Bay can meet today’s needs of the planet, its people, and economic vitality….

Key Elements to Build Sustainable Communities

Gather businesses, nonprofits, government, and philanthropic leaders and build on the Institute’s 2021 programming…..